New Segni Minimi and Feather Rugs from cc-tapis

Segni Minimi is a collection of drawings, sketches and digital collages: dreamlike compositions and imaginary scenarios inspired by architecture of the Mediterranean and the designers home city: Naples. These compositions have been translated into hand-knotted rugs, using a knotting technique which expresses the graphic style of the original drawings. See the full collection of New Segni Minimi.

A flock of unique rugs that were born from Maarten De Ceulaers affinity for birds. The works of John James Audubon and John Gould have regularly served as a source of inspiration to DeCeulaer who pairs and clips digital scans together, often tweaking and morphing them into further abstraction.

Shapes, colors, and textures are rearranged into enchanting and absorbing compositions. The collages are then translated into rich and sophisticated rugs, hand-knotted in Himalayan wool and silk. To achieve a high level of detail in De Ceulaer’s collages and to give life to the digital artworks, the highest quality of Tibetan hand-knotting is used with approximately 250.000 individual knots per square meter. Different levels of pile-height are hand-cut to create a sense of depth, emphasizing the feathers’ shapes giving the collection a fine and rich texture. See the Feather collection.

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